Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29th, 2008

Dinner, September 29

Our CSA farm that we work at once a week has yielded tons of tomatoes, peppers and squash. With so much each week, Ashley and I were thinking only one thing: Taco Party!

Soy chorizo with peppers
Vegan queso
Home Fries
roasted, marinated squash
black beans (spiced and seasoned)
lettuce, tomato
three kinds of pie

Because we used so many free vegetables, this allowed us to use some of our $50 shopping budget to spend on frivolous items, like pie shells, vegan cheese, and avocados for guacamole.


Dinner, September 29
The peppers, tomatos and onions were all from the farm. These we chopped with the mega chopper tool and sauteed with some cumin and garlic.
I got some taco seasoning and dehydrated soy crumbles from the store. I rehydrated the crumbles with about 2.5 cups water per cup of crumbles. I think I should have used two packets of seasoning for optimum taco power.


Dinner, September 29
Rotel dip with Velveeta Cheeze was my favorite thing when I was vegetarian. When I figured out how to make a tasty vegan version, I knew I was set! I made it last year for Christmas and my family really liked it, too. Since Velveeta is so fake tasting (in a good way) and the Follow Your Heart is also fake tasting (in a good way) this makes a good party queso.

2 packages follow your heart cheddar
1 package follow your heart mozz.
3 cans rotel

Serves 30 people

Dinner, September 29

To make a punk rock double broiler, fill the bottom pot with water and boil. Place a metal mixing bowl on the top and place cheese and rotel inside.
The mozz. doesn't melt that well so I put it in the blender for a few minutes.


Dinner, September 29
How will we cut up all this squash?

Dinner, September 29
I bought this little gadget at Target for $20 and it has been such a time saver for tackling literal mountains of vegetables.

Marinate in:
1/2 c balsamic vinegar
1/2 c braggs
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp sage
2 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp nugmeg
1/2 tsp chili flakes
2 tsp maple syrup

bake at 250 F for two hours

Here is a blurry picture of squash in the oven:
Dinner, September 29


Dinner, September 29
These are easy as, well, pie!

Peanut butter pie with graham cracker crust
Blend peanut butter, sugar and mori nu silken tofu in blender. Pour into graham cracker pie shell. Top with frozen strawberries.

Strawberry pie with chocolate crust
Heat strawberries and sugar in sauce pan for 8 minutes. Transfer to blender. Blend strawberries and silken tofu. Pour into cookie crust.

Mint oreo with oreo crust
Blend 8-10 oreos with cocoa powder, sugar and silken tofu. Pour into cookie crust.


Dinner, September 29
These were 59 cents each at Fiesta. We ran into our friend Samir at the grocery store near our house and lured him to dinner with the promise of guacamole. That boy loves avocados. He has one tattooed on his leg!

Ashley got a wild hair and made home fries which were nice and crispy.

Here's the spread:
Dinner, September 29

The Verdict from house members:
- Many members ate the dessert before and after the meal (quelle surprise!)
- Becca proclaimed it her "ultimate vegan wet dream fantasy meal"
- We made SO. Much. Food. Which was appreciated by late comers.

What we listened to while cooking:
Le Tigre
The Country Music Station

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